Deloitte Fast 50: From beginning to prospects of the future.

27. November 2020

It will soon be 8 years since the first project to support production in companies was completed. Almost a year later, Marek Šantavý, freelancer, measurement system programmer founded Kentigen s.r.o. with his father Ivan Šantavý, businessman in control automation. The aim was to merge know-how and experience from the field of industrial automation with programming using NI platform. And incorporate this combination successfully in automotive, aerospace, and other industries.

For the following years the scope of the company started to slightly expand through biomedical, aerospace, electronics, and automotive industry. Insights to all those industries gave the founders necessary experience with different manufacturing processes and systems. In hand with technical proficiency, sales expertise increased as well. This greatly propelled company growth.

By 2017, Kentigen had already been contacted to complete production line for testing and programming telematic control units for emergency calls in cars.

In the year 2018, the company revenues nearly doubled. Hiring new employees and creating processes were necessary to support rapid expansion of Kentigen. Team of test engineers was engaged in Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), using NI platform. They were able to offer complete HIL (Hardware-In-the-Loop) farm design with support in early 2019.

Telematic systems complete testing line has been successfully deployed, however customer systems were still in development phase, so aftermarket support was required by that time. All test stations have always adapted necessary software changes faster than customer expected. This brought new opportunities to cover testing stations in Hungary. Many other ECU-testing systems projects ran in parallel. New contracts emerged in Lithuania and China, bringing new challenge of finding suitable local business partner. We needed form them to provide same quality service such as same-business-day and next-business-day on-site support. The hard work paid off in revenues that went up by 81,8 % in 2019.

Key values remain in the company – creativity, friendliness, connection and ambition are here to welcome all new colleagues. The focus is now to engage in the Poland market and be preferred automated test system supplier and ADAS system supplier in Lithuania and Romania. Germany is in long-term perspective goal – as this country can be called center of Automotive R&D in the Europe.

Nowadays, as automotive companies are becoming fully dedicated into e-Mobility, EV testing is in our coverage. ADAS systems has proven to be successful and profitable for the company’s growth, so Kentigen search new opportunities in ‘ecosystem’ of autonomous driving.

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Ladislav Tylich

Systems Engineer