NI certifications from the warmth of home

9. October 2020

It has been more than a month since our part-timer became full-time colleague. He successfully completed LabVIEW associate developer exam (CLAD) where he utilized all the knowledge he learned during the internship.

Read about his feelings and tips for future exams!

Big brother is watching…

Just before the exam started, I logged into PSI online system where a remote proctor monitored me and my screen during the exam via webcam. There was also a chat window for texting with him in case of doubts.

After connecting to the system, he prompted me to show my ID to webcam and to show him there is nobody else in the room.  After that, the exam started.

LabVIEW Associate Developer exam

Some of the topics were really challenging because sometimes, I had to find the most suitable solution and not only the one which would work. Withing preparation to the exam, I went through all the topics in sample materials so the only thing, I was fighting with, was time.

Anyway, I enjoyed the exam (also because I passed, of course ūüėä)

Tips for future

For me it was quite stressful that I was not sure what to expect from online version of the exam. However, once the exam started and all initial checks were done, I told myself that it is easy-peasy and that there is nothing to be worried about.

In the future I am planning to use the online version of NI exams because I found it quite comfortable. I really appreciated the possibility to schedule it for any time I want. It might save a lot of time as well because nobody needs to travel to certification center and waste hours on the road.

Ladislav Tylich

Systems engineer