SystemLink: Journey from simple application to silver alliance specialty

24. July 2020

Kentigen as a NI system integrator use and deploy different software on different machines. Customers want to frequently deploy NI and specific software on multiple stations with possibility of maintaining software versions. That was the moment when Kentigen started to be interested in SystemLink as a deployment tool.

Systemlink server interface can be accessed via a web browser. Server-client architecture allows maintaining multiple machines from a single station or from a device on the same network. Actions that used to take a great amount of time for a system engineer, like installing packages for different runtime engines, is with Systemlink just a few clicks away:

  • Individual packages for LabVIEW SW & Custom SW will be installed through web interface
  • Dependencies will be installed automatically along with application SW

Outcome of a simple case study of system update:

  • 8–10 systems are already at the break-even point of time savings
  • A small package was updated (no wait introduced by copying data)
  • Manual update was done by experienced operator

Time savings rapidly increase with size of the package and the system count.

Benefits and added value of Systemlink:

System Health Monitoring:

  • Managing connected devices (similarly as in NI MAX)
  • CPU, RAM, HDD load monitoring
  • Self Tests, Self-Calibration, Reset and check of present state

Those and other information are possible to be sent from maintained devices to SystemLink Server as tags via NI SkyLine Data Services. It is also possible to configure alarms – as a tag value goes out of limit, the operator receives email notification. Information from tags can be viewed on simple web user interface – dashboard.

Besides system health monitoring, SystemLink can aggregate test and measurement data from all test systems into a centralized data repository, calibration forecasts as well as test result history.

SystemLink is one of NI’s newest products. Kentigen likes to keep up with the latest NI platform products, like Systemlink. This helps us to offer the best-suited solution to our customers. By presenting and leveraging its benefits to the customer based on his needs, Kentigen became Systemlink Silver Partner of NI.

If you found some use case for SystemLink in your system or if you are interested in some of its features, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it with experts .

Ladislav Tylich

Systems engineer